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Who can join

In order to apply to become a member of Under One Roof you need to fill in our online application form.   It will take you about 20-30 minutes to complete

On the application form we will ask you some questions about your current housing circumstances. We ask these questions to make sure that those in the greatest housing need are given priority.

You need to give us the correct information on your form as the system will assess your need based on the answers you give and you will be made live and able to start bidding on properties straight away.

If you have a medical need you will need to complete a medical assessment form that is available on the website or from Under One Roof.


16/17-year-old applicants

If you are 16 or 17 you can apply to Under One Roof but we don't usually make anybody a member of the scheme until they are 18. This means that you cannot be offered a home.

There are some exceptional situations where these rules don't apply which are detailed in our Allocations Policy.

Applicants from outside the St Helens Borough

Applicants who don't live in St Helens at the moment but would like to join Under One Roof can do so in the usual way. The band you will be placed in will depend on your housing circumstances, as well as any local connection you might have to St Helens. By local connection we mean if you have lived in St Helens in the past five years, if you work in St Helens or if you have any other responsibilities, such as looking after a relative in St Helens. You must provide clear information about this.

For further details of the rules around local connection see our Allocations Policy.

Applicants with rent arrears or previous housing debts

Applicants who owe landlords money at the time they apply to join Under One Roof, or have previous housing debts, may not be allowed to become a member of the scheme. This will depend on the level of debt and the circumstances of the applicant. For further details please see the section in the Allocations Policy on Eligibility.

Applicants with current rent arrears or previous housing debts who are allowed to become a member of Under One Roof will normally be put in a lower band than usual unless there are special circumstances. The reduction in banding will depend on the level of debt.

Further details can be found in the section of the Allocations Policy headed 'Current and Previous Housing Debts'.

Owner occupiers

If you own your home now or have owned one in the past and have savings or equity over £16,000, you may be put in a lower band than usual. There are some exceptional circumstances to this rule and these are set out in our Allocations Policy.

Applicants who have recently moved to the UK

If you have recently moved to the UK or have recently returned to the UK after living abroad for some time you may apply to become a member of Under One Roof but you will be asked to provide further information in support of your application and circumstances and may be asked to complete a Habitual Residency test. If we need further information from you in order to make a decision on eligibility we will write to you.

By virtue of Section 160A of the Housing Act 1996, there are certain applicants who legally are ineligible for a tenancy. These are:

- Persons subject to immigration control within the meaning of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 unless they fall within a prescribed class of persons specified by the Secretary of State: and
- Other persons from abroad not subject to immigration control, who are prescribed as ineligible by virtue of any regulation made by the Secretary of State

From 1st February there are further checks that a landlord needs to carry out when offering a tenancy including seeing original documentation in person. For further information on acceptable documents and the checks required please visit the following :